Facilitators and training staff have been very carefully selected from a range of very highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals.

To ensure delegates get the very best training, Metalc will use retired engineers who have vast experience in engineering. They’ll be passing on their life career skills which they’ll integral into the project’s to ensure it’s success. We will also utilize current engineers who can commit to a few hours per week. Initially, the training courses will run in the evenings, to capture as many people as possible.

We will ensure that all trainees are assessed individually so that their training is tailored to their, and the industry’s specific needs. The added benefits of using a community centre will be it’s access to its facilities such as the canteen, toilets, workshops and other office space.

But this won’t be the only courses available. In addition, there will be an offering for numeracy and literacy, as this may be of interest to all delegates if they feel these two areas are their weak points.

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