Metalc Soapbox Derby

“Bringing Communities Together”


Metalc brings you the joys of soapbox racing. Our soapbox derby’s bring maximum entertainment, maximum fun… and a WHOLE lot of enjoyment for the entire community. We give a challenge for the competitive, fun for friends and families, acknowledgement for business’s and charities, enables engagement for communities, groups and individuals,  and entertainment for everyone.

Video by Elstree School Design Technology


There’s a challenge for the most competitive entrants, fun for friends and families, acknowledgement for business’s, charities and other enterprises. This fun filled, action packed event enables engagement for communities, groups, individuals,  and entertainment for everyone.

Metalc Soapbox Derby Hanley Park

Yes there are wacky entrants

There are fewer and fewer events these days, where all sections of the community can come together, in a spirit of fun, entertainment and sharing. Our soapbox derby has enabled, once separate sections of the community, to now come together in an atmosphere of enjoyment, support, creativity and craziness.

It’s an event now being rooted firmly in the calendar of “MUST ATTEND events.

Metalc’s ‘Soapbox Derby‘ is not only attended by the local community but attracting a mass audience from far and wide. Way beyond the boundaries most would consider local. Word is spreading… and spreading fast. Ages of those attending and taking part are wide reaching as well.

Metalc Soapbox Derby Hanley Park

A junior entrant

From our junior ‘Soapboxers‘, as young as 9 years of age to our, what we call here at Metalc, senior Superstars. The oldest so far weighs in at an impressive 70 years young.

By far, it’s an event for everyone. The young, the not so young, the comfortable and the not so well off, male and female, the able-bodied and those with their own personal challenges mental or physical.

Regardless, of who you are, where you come from, you can take part or just enjoy the fun. And yes there is LOADS of fun.

Previous participants and spectators have requested we put on 2 derby’s per year, team building workshops, youth holiday schemes and regular soapbox events.  Along with workshops, special event days for groups, and youth holiday activity programmes.

With such a multi-skilled volunteer team, here at Metalc, which include active and retired engineers, health and safety officers, mechanics, youth and community workers, marketing and finance and experienced trainers. Those requests have been heard… and we’re well into the planning stages of all the requests. Some will arrive sooner than others. But stay posted, keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and website pages, to keep informed and upto date.

We strongly believe that when you’re learning and having fun, it doesn’t feel like learning.

Our Hanley Park Soapbox Derby is a combination of time trials and wacky races. We do mean wacky.

This includes:

  • The fastest at the speed trap
  • The most outstanding driver
  • The best time trial and…
  • The most creative cart

Anyone can enter from age 9 to 89. There is a junior and a senior class and you could enter as an individual or a group.

There are junior and a senior class entrants, plus enter as an individual or group if you so wish. The choice is yours.

Metalc Soapbox Derby Hanley Park

entrant taking on course

The track is situated in the beautiful grounds of Hanley Park and winds it way down 400 metres of track. From the top entrance of the park, it bends right past the playing fields, then sails left over the Caldon Canal river bridge. You continue to swing right around the tennis courts, followed by a left pirouette around swan lake and into the home straight… and over the finish line, parking in front of the car park.

This wacky race will involve negotiating a series of challenges along the way including chicanes, ramps, cattle grids and a few surprises laying in wait for you.

To the victorious, medals and cups are awarded. In the eyes of all at Metalc, everyone who takes parts or just comes to watch the spills and thrills are the winners.