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What Metalc Deliver

We’ll now walk you through what you’ll expect to receive when using Metalc services.

The Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries fall into 2 categories, the trainee and the industry. The trainee receives training in basic precision machining; setting and operating milling machines and centre lathes, also computer numerical controlled machine part programming.Thereby supplying trainees with an understanding of safely setting and operating engineering machinery.

Companies can then enhance these skills further to suit their own particular operations.

Industry Benefits

The industry benefits from a choice of specifically trained individuals without the loss in downtime and expense if they delivered the training themselves. Access to a bank of specifically trained people to suit their needs.

Industry loses profits through…

  • Broken tooling
  • Scrapped components and…
  • Damaged machinery.

Usually the symptoms of untrained operators not fully understanding the machine, the component material or the tooling. So we will also train people already in the industry, who have never received any recognised training or candidates who may require just a refresher course.

Batch Sub-Contracts

We can devote certain machines to batch sub-contract machining work. Many companies manufacture components in large batches which sometimes are better sub-contracted out. We can take advantage of this situation by tying these into our training schedules, obviously keeping a tight check on quality and conformity.

Because of the wealth of experience within our centre we will also be able to assist companies with machining problems they may encounter.


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