Stoke Soapbox Event Sunday 20th May

Soapbox 2018 in Stoke

OK Soapboxers and soapbox groupies… it’s arrived. The date we’ve all been waiting for. 20th May 2018, Burslem Park Stoke… YAY!

That’s the date and venue, all those wanting to take this years “Soapbox Title” … need to work towards.

What Will Yours Look Like?

Have you got your plans down on paper? Do you know what you soapbox will look like? Do you think, this year could be the year you lift the title as ‘Metalc’s Soapbox’ champion?

Well guys time to get on it… You have a few months to do your best work, and get your soapbox ready for May.


There will be a form going up shortly to register here on the site. And a link on Facebook,  Twitter and other good social media outlets :o)

Keep an close eye on the site and social media. Follow us, if you’re not already, so you’re kept up to speed on any news we release, views, ideas and so on.

Get cracking… times-awasting.

We’re looking forward to seeing your soapbox on the starting line come May.

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