Metalc Providing Tomorrow's Engineers

An engineering training centre, helping those in the community who have an issue getting new skills into engineering and providing local firms which a much needed resource.

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Training The Community In Engineering

The UK has and more specifically Staffordshire has been short of highly skilled engineering specialists. That is about to change with a new initiative to increase the those numbers and provide the country with skilled people for our Engineering sector. Welome to Metalc.

Metalc will have a number of highly experienced engineers taking delegates through training.
A training suite equipped with a variety of machines for all manner of engineering projects.
Those who will benefit from the Metalc project will people from disadvantaged backgrounds and local engineering firms.

"Lack of 'new blood’ signposts serious skills shortfall in global race. “It is critical that we close the engineering skills gap which is why government is working in partnership with industry to encourage more young people, particularly women"

~ Engineering UK